"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside awakens" Carl Jung


Pulse Research is an independent strategic research and marketing agency providing first class solutions to world class clients. Pulse applies scientific principles in the design, execution, analysis and interpretation of market research projects. Decisions are placed in the broader business context, enabling Pulse to apply its collective wisdom and experience to each element of the research process. The result is reliable yet innovative research design, management, analysis and interpretation.

Pulse Research was established in 2000 as a decision support company; providing brands with fresh and intelligent market research solutions.


All Pulse projects are driven by one of the following partners:

Jane Diakakis – Director of Pulse Research (Pty) Ltd


B.Sc. (Hons) M.Sc Life Sciences, Natal


Jane moved from academia into the pharmaceutical industry and then into market research and consulting. Her particular strengths are project management, quantitative analysis and strategy.

Malcolm Keevy – Director of Pulse Research (Pty) Ltd


B.Comm, Rhodes
Graduate Management Programme, Mc Gill


Malcolm has held senior marketing positions locally and internationally. He is a “big picture” person with strong qualitative, interpretive and strategic skills.

Amien Nanabhay – Director of Pulse Research (Pty) Ltd


B.Sc Operational Research, Glasgow
MBA, Wits Business School


Amien has worked in many different industries, consulting on a wide range of issues. His strong academic background has resulted in substantial skills in trouble shooting and analysis.

Fresh & Intelligent Solutions